About Us

About Full-Circle Pottery

Full-Circle Pottery is "a clay space" dedicated to people who want to make pots and ceramic art, and join a community fascinated by all that clay offers. Our motto is "throw, build, fire, repeat."  Full-Circle is a community pottery. We offer classes, lessons and Expression Sessions for adults and children. Gift Certificates are available year round.

All pottery sales at Full-Circle Pottery benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF) in honor of Linda Mechanic, our teacher and friend who died of Ovarian Cancer at age 50.  We also sponsor an annual raffle to benefit the OCRF in her memory.

The Co-Owners

Patty Housen, patty@full-circlepottery.com

I started making pottery while studying for my PhD in gerontology.  I didn't anticipate how freeing the experience would be.  For me it was "musty dug up earth, quiet morning, wheel turning, anticipation," a peaceful feeling of being in the right place. Today I feel fortunate to spend most of my time in the studio making pottery, and teaching the diverse people who sign up for our classes and share their creative energy with us.  One of my goals is to combine my background in gerontology and love of ceramics by offering a program for Baby Boomers and recent retirees looking for "Creative Adventures Close To Home."  I hope my own pottery reflects what I learned from my teachers, who made/make thoughtful, organic work inspired by Japanese ceramics and nature that is primarily intended for every day use. I enjoy making things that highlight the natural plasticity and texture of clay, a humble, common material transformed by the heat of the kiln.  Click here to see my Etsy store.

Liz Rosenblatt, liz@full-circlepottery.com

Liz, a licensed clinical psychologist, finds the non-verbal, intuitive and soothing aspects of clay essential and enjoyable, both on a personal and professional level. Liz has utilized clay-like material and other media in work with her patients individually and in groups. She is excited to bring her worlds together at Full-Circle Pottery, where she hopes others will discover the therapeutic nature of clay.


In The News

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Full-Circle Pottery has also been featured by The Yenta Report, a great resource for people with any kind of question about our fabulous city, Los Angeles.  Check out the article at http://www.theyentareport.com/index.php?%2Ftyr_query and learn more about the studio.

Methods Of Payment

We accept cash, checks, and these credit cards: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.