Good Wares

Looking for a special Valentine's Day gift?  Why not get something handmade? Or give a gift card for pottery lessons?  It's a great way to stay out of the mall and support local arts and crafts. 

Want to shop but not sure if we're open? Give us a call! (310) 502-3115.

Here's a selection of what's available at Full-Circle Pottery:



Choose one of many handmade one-of-a-kind vases in different shapes and colors.  Add some beautiful fresh flowers.  What you've got is a perfect gift.  $20-$89

2. Full-Circle Pottery Clay Gift Cards

Too much stuff?  Why not give an experience.  We have gift cards for private and semi-private classes, and series of classes for beginners and more experienced potters of all ages.  $61-$175

3. Holey Woven Bread Baskets

Line one of these clay baskets with a colorful cloth napkin and they become ideal serving dishes for rolls, cubed bread for fondue, crackers, cookies, or even fruit.  $20-$30

4. Handmade Cup and Joe

Here's what we recommend: You buy a handmade, one-of-a-kind mug from us.  You add a pound of coffee or a Starbucks/CBTF gift card.  You give it to them. Everybody's happy!  $18-$25

5. Vinaigrette Bowls & Whisks

These vinaigrettes were made in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes and come with whisks.  Pair one with a delicious vinegar or oil and start your friends and loved ones on a delicious journey creating their own fanciful salad sauces. $21-$28.

6. Ceramic Spirit Pigs & Micro Teacup Pigs

These little piggies may resemble animals we are used to seeing in our everyday lives: the Scotty pig, the Dachshund pig, and the cat pig, for example. But each one has been imbued with the spirit of story by their creator, local clayologist "Dr. Dotell."  As you pet the pigs, you will notice they have a special ability to make you smile, tell stories and share your experience with others. $5-$10

7. claYogis

Looking for some Zen?  We say "Pottery is about getting centered.  Yoga is about being centered.  claYogis are about feeling centered wherever you are."  $19-$78

8. Bowls for Every Occasion

We have many beautiful food and dishwasher safe soup, ice cream and salad bowls in many different shapes and sizes.  $14-$88

9. Porcelain What Nots

These small porcelain cups and plates are perfect for serving tea, olives and What Not. $7-$14