Finding the Potential of the Cylinder

This April Full-Circle Pottery hosts ceramic artist Eric Kao for a special four-session class focused on his students’ creativity and the cylinder.

Eric will focus on intentionality by sharing specific clay forming techniques according to the goals and experience of each student. Students are expected to have a strong understanding of their personal goals while keeping an open mind for exploration.

Eric has an MFA from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth, was a resident instructor at the Idyllwild Arts Summer program from 1998-2009, and spent six years as director of the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China.  Hec opened his studio in Signal Hill, CA during COVID.

Eric’s conceptual work has combined figurative and traditional vessel forms to frame pottery in unexpected ways, explore cultural traditions, and record his experiences of destinations.

This class is intended for intermediate/advanced potters who are seeking practical guidance for their craft and creative inspiration for their art.

Space is limited!  Members should register at the studio to received a discount.