COVID-19 Guidelines

Our primary concern is for the health of our studio community, which includes older adults and people with health conditions. ​ Our goal is zero COVID-19 cases within the space. 

Towards those ends we are asking members, students and visitors to do their part:

  • Proof of full vaccination is required for adult members and adult students as of 11/04/21, no exceptions.  There will be no refunds if you are turned away for lack of proof of vaccination.  We highly encourage members and students to receive their boosters as recommended by the CDC and county Department of Public Health.
  • The Los Angeles County Public Health Department issued new guidelines for mask wearing at local businesses in February, 2022.  As a result, Full-Circle potters, customers and staff who are full-vaccinated may choose not to wear masks indoors and outdoors.  However, Full-Circle Pottery fully supports potters who choose to remain masked, and we encourage you to adjust your mask wearing to your perceived risk.  Please be aware that the county guidelines may change if there are new surges in our community.
  • Participants sign a liability waiver before starting classes or memberships.
  • The studio provides sanitizers and paper towel dispensers.
  • Our instructors and volunteers have been trained on safety procedures and hygiene etiquette.
  • We have improved our shaded outdoor work space to promote social distancing.
  • We are adding the following cancellation policy until the COVID-19 outbreak is behind us: the studio will refund if scheduled classes that haven’t started have been cancelled due to the outbreak.  We will prorate refund or arrange follow up sessions for classes that have already started.