During the COVID-19 pandemic, Full-Circle Pottery will be offering Studio Memberships and At Home Memberships  (scroll down for information) for experienced potters.

Studio Memberships

Full-Circle Pottery memberships are available to clay enthusiasts.

  • We welcome experienced recreational potters to join our community and become Full-Circle Potters.
  • We also welcome aspiring recreational potters to join us after taking at least two classes at Full-Circle Pottery, or the equivalent elsewhere.

Design your program for your budget and lifestyle.

  • Choose your budget. As low as $37.50 per week for three hours. Reduced rate available for additional hours by using our Sunday Members* program.
  • Don’t pay while you’re away. Four week membership includes two “flex” weeks. Single sessions available to members on a limited** basis.
  • Make as much or as little as you choose.*** Clay price ($32-$46 For 25 pounds) includes your firing.****

Membership includes:

  • Cubby for clay
  • Shelf for tools/apron in locked storage unit
  • Experienced instructors on hand to answer basic questions
  • Reduced rates for classes, intensives, and workshops
  • Shared shelf space for work in progress
  • Twenty Cone 5-6 Laguna and Cayote dipping glazes
  • Use of bats and wax
  • Annual member sale at Full-Circle Festival
  • Monthly newsletter for members. Click here to read excerpts from our newsletter.

Our commitment to you:

  • We nurture your passion.*****
  • We go the extra mile to minimize loss and breakage.
  • We fire our kilns as soon as they fill up.

Small Print

  • *Sunday Members is available to potters who did their regular weekly session. Two times available:1-4 p.m. and 4-7 p.m. Second session in week is $20, third is $10. First come, first served.
  • **Talk to staff to plan ahead for time away.
  • ***Sorry, we can’t accommodate production potters.
  • ****Maximum size is 20″ X 10″. Firings for larger pieces available for additional cost.
  • *****Our special events include: Sunday Intensives for skill building, workshops based on member interests, annual alternate firings including horse hair and pit, annual field trip to amazing places. Click here to see photographs of our community and special events!

At Home Memberships 

This month-to-month membership includes firings, and Saturday drop off and pick up times.  We also are happy to dip a reasonable number of waxed pieces for you in our Cone 6 glazes while the glaze room is closed.  Cost is $100 plus the cost of clay.  We do not fire clay purchased elsewhere, or pieces made by potters who are not Full-Circle members.

Many potters are more productive at home than they were at the studio. Please try to limit your weekly production (making, trimming/finishing, glazing) to the amount of ware you typically made in 3.5 hours at the studio. We are happy to fire members’ additional work on a space available basis for $25 per half shelf.

NOTE: If you haven’t been a member at Full-Circle Pottery before, please contact us at (310) 502-3115 before registering so that we can figure out if our At Home Membership is right for you!

Potters enrolled in the At Home Memberships can stay current on tuition by clicking on the “register” buttons in the table below.  Tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

Some examples of how this works:

  • Members who are hand building and/or have a wheel of their own at home would choose the FCP Members At Home option for a total of $100.
  • Members who are renting a wheel from Full-Circle Pottery would choose FCP Members At Home option and the FCP Members At Home Wheel option for a total of $150.
  • Members sharing a wheel with a friend or family member would register for two FCP Members At Home and the FCP Members At Home Wheel options for a total of $250.