Step Up To Studio Classes

Full-Circle Pottery members, as well as participants who have taken at least one beginning pottery wheel class at Full-Circle or elsewhere, can continue practicing basic skills with our Step Up To Studio” classes.  Participants should know the basics of centering, opening, lifting and shaping before taking this class.  Each session will focus on a form, for example bowls or plates etc., and an additional skill or decoration technique, for example sgraffito or carving etc.  Can be taken more than once.  Class size is limited to eight participants. Length of class varies.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel your order within 48 hours of booking and receive a 100% refund.  Tuition is 50% refundable if you contact us at least two weeks before the session has started.

Missed Class Policy: We will be working with wet clay during the first two weeks of class.  Because of this, we are unable to offer make up classes for the first two weeks.  You are able to reschedule the third class (glazing) to a glazing session in a future “Intro 4” or “Step Up To Studio,” class.

Studio COVID-19 guidelines: Click here.


Carved and Painted Bowls/April 2022                   

The form for the April class will be larger bowls.  Ceramicist Pam Stanley will guide participants in carving and painting techniques.  This is a three-week class (4/9, 4/16, 4/30), two and one-half hours each session.  Participants can practice making larger bowls in week one; they will also begin thinking about how to decorate the forms.  Week two is for trimming the bowls and beginning decoration, and week three is dedicated to carving and painting.  Full-Circle Pottery will fire and clear coat participants’ pots.  B-Mix is included in the price, $180 non-members/$110 members.

NOTE: Registration for next month’s classes always begins on the first Friday of the previous month.  For example, registration for August classes begins on the first Friday of July.